World Tourism Day 2020 | Message by | Muhammad Shahbaz Khan CEO Shangrila Hotels & Resorts

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To create global awareness about the impact of tourism and its impact on society in various fields, The World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27th annually. This year, the Day’s theme is “Tourism and Rural Development”.

Before coronavirus,Travel and tourism industry was a booming industry of annual business of 1.6 trillion dollar. The industry was evolving at a rapid rate creating more job opportunities for the youth. Research suggests that every one out of 10 jobs in the world was backed up by travel and tourism.

There was a time in Pakistan when each sector of our tourist industry was facing barriers, hurdles and difficulties due to law and order situation in its respective area of operation.Therewere too many barriers on Pakistan Tourism for it to even get off the ground. Now Pakistan Tourism has again got off the ground; It has indeed come a long way, after a period of security issues and difficulties. it is now poised at the crossroads of either greater success or of stagnation. Much has been sown and much more is being reaped than is generally appreciated or conceded. Presently, the crucial factor is a timely removal of the impediments – the barriers – which hinder its further growth. Thank God the government has removed all visa barriers for International tourists.

The conditions for tourism in Pakistan are encouraging. The country hosts an impressive highway system and regional airports that link its rural scenic remote corners to larger cities.  Pakistan’s primary tourism barrier is one of imagination and will — not infrastructure or security.  The will of the government for the promotion of this industry is very clear and with the introduction of new visa policy well supported by new aviation and tourism policy we are expecting very positive results for this sector.

Due to covid-19 domestic tourism is increased and increased domestic tourism may offer rural regions new opportunities for development and regeneration. However, the possibilities of rural tourism to promote rural regeneration have been criticised for being over-stated and unrealistic. Rural tourism has frequently been found to under-deliver in terms of expected economic benefits and jobs creation, and may exacerbate social and economic inequalities, and rural communities often lack the skills and experience required to successfully attract and satisfy tourists argue that rural tourism is not  for overcoming the complex and deep-rooted problems facing rural regions of Pakistan, however it may provide one avenue, amongst others, for rural growth and redevelopment.

Evolving of proper tourism culture along with required training to local community and awareness about the cleanliness and waste-management are the most important aspectsthat are needed to be discussed by all tourism stakeholders including all governmental tourism organizations to maintain the beauty and attraction of all tourism destinations of the rural areas. Doubtlessly our rural areas are full of tourism potential but they need development in the right direction where ecofriendly tourism get importance as no one would like to visit an unhygienic and filthy destination no matter how beautiful or picturesque the landscape or valley may be.

We,from the platform of Shangrila Hotels & Resorts always make it sure to maintain the all international standard of cleanliness,hygienist and support sustainable and ecofriendly tourism for our rural areas where more and more tourism jobs for local should be created and equitable tourism economic benefits to be pass on to local communities.

1 do appreciate Holiday weekly the role it is playing for the promotion of sustainable and ecofriendly tourism in Pakistan. Its services for travel and tourism sector are matchless. I congratulate the team Holiday for bringing out Special report on World Tourism Day 2020.



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