With 54 Partners Globally | Hitit Continues To Grow With New Airlines

ISTANBUL: One of the largest aviation technology companies in the world, continues its expansion throughout the world. As of today, Hitit has agreements in place to export its technology solutions to 54 partners around the globe.

As Turkey’s largest service exporter in aviation IT technologies, Hitit continues to maintain its steady global growth. Hitit has recently signed new agreements with more airline partners from around the world, bringing its total to 54 airline and travel companies served globally.

Hitit published its annual report for the first time after recently going public, which has drawn attention with its product developments and growth. Hitit works with a one-stop-service approach covering all aspects of the air travel business cycle and therefore has supplied its new airline partners with stand-alone solutions in different areas such as the Operational Planning, Airline Accounting, and Travel Agency solutions, as well as the Crane PSS (Passenger Service Systems) solution.

Hitit, which can provide service to airline companies from a single point, started to sell its cost-effective software solutions, equipped with high technology, and with the ability to integrate with other systems, to different countries.

Thanks to its high technology integrated airline solutions portfolio Hitit offers various cost-effective stand-alone products as well as more comprehensive solution suites, which all also offer seamless integrations to external systems, to many different countries.

Nevra Onursal Karaagac, CMO at Hitit, made a statement about the new participations in Hitit’s ecosystem: “Despite the pandemic, the increase in the number of airlines we work with continued in the first months of 2022. New airline partners mean our technology enters new countries, and as Hitit, we diversify our export portfolio. This increase will be a positive step in line with Hitit’s plans to strengthen its independent software solutions sales and position travel agency solutions as a new focus area. With the strength of our recent successful public offering, we will continue to grow by further consolidating our place in the world rankings.”



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