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Written by Ch. Faisal Mehmood

In our pages, we have tried hard to draw the n attention to the pressing need for a federal posture for Pakistan Tourism’s internal co-ordination and external unity. The need for a federal Ministry of Tourism is acquiring greater urgency.

In the present world of globalization, the word co-ordination does not mean only consultation, for which some tell us the federal Ministry of Inter-Provincial Co-ordination should suffice; co-ordination now denotes a visible, unified and enforceable national level of product standards and policy depth for the international community to deal with us.

Still in many cases outside world even does not know whom to contact in Islamabad for extending its formal invitation to Pakistan; it is not for them to go looking into our provinces.

However, we are very optimistic that a platform has emerged; where we will see all the major stakeholders of Pakistan’s tourism together displacing their tourism products and destinations along with 50 international reputed brands.

We are expecting a very loud, clear and untied voice for the promotion and betterment of tourism industry of Pakistan.

Starting on 24th  November the Pakistan Travel Mart (PTM) will  serve the Pakistan  travel trade industry in future, and through this platform industry networks and responsible travel focused discussions will take place , the event aims to provide travel industry professionals with a quality networking opportunity, path breaking content and information on rare communities.

A Game changer for Pakistan’s tourism,  PTM will bring the travel, tourism, Hospitality and airline industry together from November 24-26, through this  event, content and digital tools, to support the growth of Pakistan travel industry by facilitating new connections and lasting business relationships.

Shaping the future of travel trade in Pakistan, the event is expected to offer effective business-to-business networking opportunities for the international community of travel professionals and generates lucrative business contracts between attendees.

Though this is its first year, the event brings together around 150 exhibiters destinations, technology and private sector companies to find and network with thousands of travel professionals, key industry buyers, journalists, digital influencers, students and tourism high-ups.

The PTM platform will grow Pakistani tourism industry and will enhance its exposure through exhibition, via engaging with more than 50 international brands and with many travel professionals, from more than 15 sectors of the 10 different participating counties. This year, over 150 local and international exhibitors have signed up for the event, the day will come when 1500 will sign for that, but for that purpose whole travel trade industry have to work untidily.



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