‘Vegemite’ | Qantas to Name its New Dreamliner?

Qantas has eight Boeing Dreamliner 787-9s on order and they all need a name.Qantas will take delivery of its first Dreamliner later this year and the Australian carrier needs help naming the eight new Boeing 787-9s.Among the suggestions put forward by staff at Australia’s national airline were Uluru, Kakadu, Great Barrier Reef…. and Vegemite.

The public competition, which started on Sunday, asked people to suggest up to eight names for the new aircraft. Passengers may soon be flying on the new ‘Vegemite’ Boeing 787-9.

“They can be people, places or things, so long as they reflect the true Spirit of Australia,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said.

“Whether it’s a notable person, a group-breaking invention, a saying or a landmark, we want eight icons that together, reflect the depth and breadth of this place we all call home.”

Although the likelihood of an aircraft being named after a thick, brown food spread, seems slim – it isn’t totally beyond the realm of possibility. In 2016 the name “Boaty McBoatface” topped an online poll that sought to name the UK’s newest polar research vessel, beating entries that honoured scientists and explorers.



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