Turkish Airlines | The Wings of Türkiye, Turns 90

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ISTANBUL: Turkish Airlines, proudly carrying the responsibility of being Türkiye’s flag

carrier for 90 years, takes viewers on a journey through time from the past to the

present in its new advertisement film.

The film tells the story of Turkish Airlines' 90-year journey, which started in 1933 with

only 5 aircraft and fewer than 30 employees, and depicts how the first aircraft to take off

landed in Istanbul in the year 2023. As the flag carrier, which has particularly soared in

the last 20 years, Turkish Airlines currently has a fleet of 418 aircraft, serves 344

international destinations, and has increased its workforce to 82,000 employees with

increasing number of subsidiaries.

The film begins with Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk signing the establishment document

of Turkish Airlines, and an aircraft taking off in 1933, only to land in Istanbul in 2023,

much further than its intended destination. The captain, first bewildered and then proud,

realizes that the dreams they had envisioned years ago have been far exceeded by the

success achieved in the aviation industry over the past 90 years.

Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee Prof. Dr. Ahmet

Bolat said: “Today, Turkish Airlines is one of the most valuable brands in our country

and the World. What brought us to this day is our values and the support of our 82,000

employees on our journey. This film, which is a tribute to each of our building blocks,

tells the story of our 90-year journey from a different perspective. We are also proud to

accomplish something that we can be proud of on the 90th anniversary of Turkish

Airlines and the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye.”

The director of the film, produced by Tribal Worldwide Istanbul advertising agency, was

Serdar Dönmez, while the cinematographer was Danish Kasper Wind. A life-size replica

of the Curtiss Kingbird D2 model aircraft, one of the first official aircraft of Turkish

Airlines, was built specially for this project. The replica, with a weight of approximately

1.7 tons, a wingspan of 17 meters, a length of 11 meters and a height of 4 meters, was

completed in 2 months. Scenes of the replica aircraft in the sky were animated using

CGI technology. The replica is aimed to be exhibited as a souvenir on Turkish Airlines

headquarters’ yard.



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