Turkish Airlines | Breaks Daily Passenger Record Despite Laptop Ban

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ISTANBUL: Mr. Bilal Eksi, Chief Executive Office Turkish Airlines told that March 26 was recording breaking day of the year 2017 because the Airline flew almost 180,000 passengers on that day, marking the highest number of daily passengers the flag carrier has flown so far this year.

“Some 179,871 passengers flew with us on Sunday [March 26] and we reached the highest number of daily passengers since January… spring is coming,” Eksi tweeted in Turkish.

The record came less than a week after the U.S. and the U.K. introduced bans on electronic devices as carry-ons in flights coming from a number of countries, including Turkey.

Last week, Ekşi told state-run Anadolu Agency that Turkish Airlines would implement new measures to keep passengers’ electronic devices, including laptops and tablets, safe during flights to the two countries.

“The electronic devices will be received by an airline officer during the last check-in before boarding the aircraft and will be placed in special shatterproof luggage after being wrapped in foam covers,” he said.

“We guarantee that passengers’ devices will not be damaged or lost,” he added.




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