Travel Cost Increases | Pakistan Ranks 64Th in Compression

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LAHORE: Pakistan ranked 64 among the 80 countries, surveyed by an online travel agency, in 2017, with an average flight cost of $23.70 per 100km of travel, factoring in both short-haul and long-haul journeys; Malaysia with $4.18 per 100km is the cheapest.

The survey released on Thursday, 8 May, said in 2016 Pakistan was ranked 20, which means that the travel cost has increased steeply in a year. India ranked third in travel cost, which averages $4.96 per 100km of travel.

The travel cost per 100km in Turkey is $6.28 and it is placed at position 4, the survey revealed. At the other end of the ranking, Belgium calculated at a cost over 13 times higher, at $54.63 per 100km of travel.

To calculate the rankings, analysed over a million flights to find an average price of short-haul and long-haul flights on low cost and full service airlines from each of the countries. Domestic flights were calculated by finding an average airfare from the country’s capital to up to five major cities within the country, or to a major city nearby in a neighbouring country when no domestic flights were available.

The price of international travel was calculated based on flights from all international airports within the country, to several international hubs. All flights were checked for the same dates of travel taking into account high and low seasons.



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