Tourism Promotion | Pakistan & Maldives Signed MoU

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MALE: Memorandum of Understanding on Tourism cooperation between Pakistan and Maldives inked at Male. Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan signed the Memorandum of Understanding from Pakistan side. According to the contents of the agreement, both the countries will develop a long-lasting relation in the field of Tourism for encouragement of face to face interaction. The Government of Maldives shall provide internship opportunities for the youth of Pakistan, who have completed their studies in the field of tourism and Hospitality. In addition, Maldivian state owned and private television channels will telecast tourism documentaries to introduce Pakistan as tourist friendly destination among the people of Maldivian. Information on investment opportunities in tourism sector of Pakistan will be disseminated to Maldivian potential investors. For the purpose, National Tourism Organizations and Embassies of both the countries will be actively involved.

The MoU was signed during the 3-day visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan to Maldives on invitation of President of Maldives Abdullah Yamin Abdul Qayyum where he was the chief guest of 52nd Independence day celebrations. Prime Minister is taking keen interest in tourism promotion and signing of this MoU is one of his initiatives to promote and develop tourism in the country.

Pakistan established diplomatic relations with Maldives on July 26, 1966, which have now further strengthening day by day. Being Muslim Countries and SAARC Member States, both the countries closely coordinate with each other at regional and international forums on issues of mutual importance. Tourism is largest industry of Maldives with a total contribution of 28 percent to GDP as well as 60 percent to foreign exchange earnings. Other factors include fish export, agriculture and industry. Located in Indian Ocean spread over 1200 islands, Maldives is ranked at 9th of world smallest countries. Over 1.2 million tourists visit here every year to enjoy crystal clear waters of its beaches and refreshing climate. Signing of this agreement will bring positive impact in increase tourism flow bringing foreign exchange and investments in Pakistan.




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