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Tourism Nosedive | Hawaii Sues Trump Travel Ban

HAWAII: The State of Hawaii has reportedly requested an emergency court intervention against Trump’s latest travel ban, which restricts entry for travellers from six Muslim-majority nations.

Following Hawaii’s move, the states of Minnesota and Oregon are also reportedly following suit to seek to block the ban. Meanwhile, tourist hot spot New York, Washington and Massachusetts also claim the new ban is harmful to their states.

Hawaii argues that the new travel ban would affect its economy, as it would potentially be hit a tourism slump, which it claims in the court papers “took a nosedive” with travel to the United States suffering after Trump’s initial executive order in January banning certain nationalities from entering the US.

Hawaii is arguing the new travel ban, which marginally differs to the previous travel ban, violates the US Constitution.

The move marks the first legal challenge to the new executive order, and a hearing has been set for March 15, a day before the new ban is set to take effect.

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