This Ramadan’s Finest | Turkish Airlines Hosts Grand Iftar Dinner

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KARACHI: The sacred month of Ramadan, a period marked by fasting, prayer, and reflection, is observed with great fervor worldwide. In keeping with this spirit, Turkish Airlines-Pakistan honored the tradition by hosting an exquisite Iftar dinner at Karachi Marriott Hotel, reinforcing the bond of community and shared blessings.

The grand Iftar gathering underscored the airline’s esteemed position in the market and its commitment to upholding the values of Ramadan. Mr. Sertan Yuce, the Country Manager for Turkish Airlines in Pakistan, together with Mr. Umar Khan, Sales Manager, and their dedicated Sales & Marketing team, welcomed the distinguished guests. The event attracted key figures from the city, including leading travel agents, prominent businessmen, and diplomats, with the travel trade industry, in particular, showing strong support. The Consul General of Türkiye in Karachi also honored the occasion with their presence, adding to the event’s significance.

Attendees broke their fast with a sumptuous Iftar followed by a lavish buffet dinner, a testament to Turkish Airlines’ reputation for unparalleled service and hospitality. The evening was further highlighted by a lucky draw, where guests had the chance to win special gifts, adding an element of excitement to the gathering.

Through such initiatives, Turkish Airlines continues to weave stronger connections within the communities it serves, fostering a sense of global togetherness.

As the holy month progresses, Turkish Airlines remains dedicated to celebrating these moments of joy and reflection, making every journey memorable, both in the air and on the ground.



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