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Written By Ch. Faisal Mehmood

As we dress this fifty-second issue of our fortieth year, we have much to thank for and we bow in most humble thanksgiving to our Creator and Sustainer Supreme that He gave us a discerning readership, which has been spreading wider, across our country.

Throughout the previous months, we have received compliments for the informative quality of this weekly. And that encourages us further in the editorial policy of our Founding Editor and Publisher, the Late Mr. & Mrs. Asghar Ahmed.

In dressing our pages, our accent is on news which informs and which trigger thought processes among the stakeholders in and managers of our tourism industry. Our attention is to all sectors of the industry and, depending upon their occurrence, we present something or the other for all of them to trigger thought process, which lead to industry development.

We are indebted to our readers – quite many of them senior stakeholders – for their acceptance, which reflect in the kinds of comments we have been receiving. ‘Previously, we used to look at it; now we read it’ ‘you are reporting institutions about which we previously read only in foreign papers’; ‘we now have our trade media’; ‘your Destination page is a national service’; ‘your Surprising Pakistan is appropriate branding of Pakistan Tourism’.

We can’t quote even ten percent of the encouraging words we receive but we must mention some which they call ‘a recurring bias in favour of some brands’.

In fact we like that blame and we offer no apology for our attention to our indigenous brands in the aviation, hospitality and handling sectors, because we recline on the universal truth that ‘one who does not serve his own, he cannot be trusted by others’.

We proceed towards the next year with prayers for His Guidance and Help for us to keep measuring up to being the Voice of Pakistan’s Tourism Industry’.

We proceed with satisfaction that things are moving positively and steadily towards retrieving our Tourism Wealth enough for inbound traffic to revive, the recent moves like Pakistan Travel Mart, announcement of International Tourism Conference by PTDC, enlargement of the Sindh Culture Day and the more visible is the statement of Adviser to the PM on Aviation Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan regarding re-appraisal of Pakistan Aviation Policy, are landmark pointers in our satisfaction.§



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