Taste Of China | PC Honour and Celebrate Chinese Culture And Food

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KARACHI: As part of officially welcoming and introducing Chef Mr. Kevin Jun, an experienced Chinese culinary artist who recently was appointed as the head Chef of Tai Pan restaurant, Pearl Continental Hotel hosted ‘Taste of China’ and presented guests with the ‘Chef Kevin Special’ Signature Dishes.

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The Taste of China theme was set to not only serve their guests with authentic and delectable cooking but also giving customers a cultural premise of the food they eat.

A series of historic Chinese Cultural performances including an authentic Chinese tea presentation and two dance performances by Chinese women adorned in traditional clothing were done by the members of Confucius Institute at University of Karachi. The performances celebrated the beauty of Chinese book, poetry and their rich ancient rituals.

 The Chinese Consul General Mr. Wang Yu inaugurated the five day festival along with Mr. Jeffrey Scott Sussman General Manager PC Hotel Karachi, Mr. Aslam Khan Hotel Manager and Ms. Laila Naz Marcom Manager amongst other senior PC management.

Mr. Wang Yu, Mr. Jeffery Scott Sussman and Mr. Aslam Khan made short speeches about the importance of Pakistan and China relationship and how their alliance has benefited both countries. They are also hopeful that the friendship will further flourish.

Mr. Kevin Jun the 20-year veteran to luxury hotels, also made a speech about the cuisine culture in China and his work to make the food at Tai Pan authentic but at the same time in accordance to our taste buds.

The menu at Tai Pan included Steamed Red Snapper fillet with Hunan chili sauce, Stir-fried crispy chicken with dried chili and Szechuan Pepper Corn- in Cheng Du Style, wok-fried Wagyu beef, wild mushroom, whole garlic in black pepper sauce and Wok-fried fragrant rice with seafood and pineapple all prepared using fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection.

With Mr. Jun’s authentic and delectable cooking and the detailed decor and ambiance that depict the richness of Chinese culture it is but natural that Tai Pan will provide each guest with an extraordinary dining experience.





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