Stronger Tourism Sector | Pakistan Needs National Tourism Authority; UNWTO

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ISLAMABAD: The Government of Pakistan should allocate adequate funds for Pakistan Tourism Development Authority (PTDC) for publicity and promotion of tourism attractions in the world media besides facilitating participation of public & private sector in international tourism exhibitions, says a report issued by The United Nations World Tourism Organization.

According to the report, the involvement of public private partnership for infrastructure development in the sector is also essential. Tourism opportunities in Pakistan are not less than any of the world’s places, but due to many factors Pakistan could not achieve its right place in global tourism.

The main reason for lack of proper development in the tourism sector in Pakistan is nonexistence of good advertising and non-participation in global tourism event, which is causing a negative impression across the world.

Provincial tourists are playing their role in promoting domestic tourism in their areas of jurisdiction, but projection abroad under federal umbrella is a huge need, through which tour operators and provincial tourists represent internationally countrywide.

The report says, Managing Director Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor’s vision for promotion and development of tourism in the country is overwhelming. The report strongly recommended to transform PTDC into National Tourism Authority and lauded the tourism promotion efforts of Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor.

UNWTO Experts Harry Huang and George Drakeop attended the United Nations Tourism Organization (UNWOO) workshop held January this year, reviewed the current situation of tourism in Pakistan and prepared a comprehensive report containing all the facts and figures.



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