The Squash Legend | Jahangir Khan Becomes Brand Ambassador Serena

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ISLAMABAD: Serena Hotels has announced that renowned squash legend, Mr. Jahangir Khan would be the Brand Ambassador of Serena Hotels Sports Diplomacy Initiative. The signing ceremony formalized a relationship that began with Jahangir Khan’s involvement in various squash tournaments supported by Serena Hotels.

Serena Hotels sports diplomacy calendar includes a range of tournaments and competitions, in golf, polo, cricket, football, skiing, tennis and squash. With squash, Serena made a commitment to help reclaim the legacy of the sport for Pakistan. The sports diplomacy initiative has been used to promote healthier lifestyles, bring foreign athletes to Pakistan, and provide safe gender-neutral spaces for the youth to discover and polish their abilities.

Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, said, “Sports Diplomacy is an integral part of Serena’s efforts to build stronger relations with communities and to encourage the participation of young people in competitive and international standard sporting activities. Pakistan has a tradition of excellence in many sports but at Serena we believe that competitive sports require the support of organizations through sponsorships and promotion”.

He added, “Up to 25 years ago Pakistani squash players were the best in the world and every person in the country knew their names. Jahangir Khan, our new brand ambassador, is considered the greatest squash player in the history of the sport, and we need to showcase these achievements not just to share accolades from the past but to also give young sportspeople aspirations to strive for. The induction of Jahangir Khan into the Serena Sports Diplomacy initiative will also give us greater insight into the needs of athletes and potential sports professionals”.

Jahangir Khan said, “I have been engaged with the Serena Hotels since the inception of the Serena Hotels-Chief of Air Staff International Squash Championship. Over these years, there has been an increase in local and international tournaments and championships supported by Serena Hotels. I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with Serena Hotels to promote and facilitate other sports as well”.



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