Singapore Airlines Resumes | London-Australia Flights

SINGPORE: Just two days before Christmas, the government of Singapore banned short-term visitors and transit passengers who had recently been in the UK. The decision, made effective at 11:59 Singapore Standard Time on Wednesday, December 23rd, left thousands of travelers stranded abroad, with limited options for getting home. Now, Singapore Airlines is reporting that it has received government approval to carry passengers from London Heathrow onwards to Sydney and Auckland via its Singapore Changi hub.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Singapore has lifted a ban on travelers transiting through Changi Airport from the UK. This comes just over a week after the government decided to block anyone from the UK due to a new coronavirus strain detected in the country.

Today, however, a Singapore Airlines spokesman confirmed that government approval to carry passengers has been obtained. The airline can now transport passengers from London’s Heathrow Airport onwards to Sydney and Auckland via Singapore Changi Airport – with special restrictions in place.

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