Sindhi Cultural Day | Sindh Celebrates Its Great Culture

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KARACHI: The Sindhi Culture Day this year was celebrated with the usual warmth but with a wider spread of its reach and impact. Readers will recall that the celebrations of the day was instituted  seven years back to project Sindh’s unique Culture drenched in ancient heritage and Sufi influence.

A large number of men, women and children wearing Sindhi Ajrak and Topi, expressing pride at their being Sindhis, assembled outside the Karachi Press Club.

Seminars, debates, literary sittings, folk music programmes, drama and other theatric performances, tableaux were organized by political parties and social organizations. The Sindh Department of Culture, various schools, colleges and universities organised a similar variety of events to mark the festivity, highlighting Sindhi culture, history and heritage.

In Karachi, the most vibrant programme was held outside Karachi Press Club and was attended by a large number of people. Members of different political parties took out rallies from different parts of the city and reached the press club. The participants were clad in the traditional Sindhi Topi and Ajrak, and sang and danced to traditional Sindhi tunes.

Sindhi Cultural Day is widely celebrated with traditional enthusiasm to highlight the centuries-old rich culture of Sindh. The day is celebrated all over Sindh, and among Sindhi people living around the world. Sindhi people celebrate this day to demonstrate the peaceful identity of Sindhi culture and attract the attention of the world towards the rich heritage and culture of Sindh.

The festival symbolises and commemorates the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation and the day is celebrated on  first Sunday of December every year.



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