Safety, Security & Efficiency | CAA to Adopt Int’l Best Practices

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KARACHI: The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has planned to initiate the organizational transformation process with an objective to transform itself into one of the leading aviation organizations in the world.

In a bid to implement international best practices of the industry and vision of the federal government as outlined in the National Aviation Policy, the CAA has decided to enhance its organizational capabilities in terms of safety, security, efficiency, capacity building and environment, etc.

It is also intended to upgrade the technological infrastructure including adoption of best industrial practices and implementation of modern business and information technology concepts.

In order to successfully undertake this process, CAA has invited professional world class consultancy firms to submit proposals for consultancy services for identifying organizational transformation strategies and suggesting their implementation.

The consultant shall conduct a process audit & an operational review of existing processes, policies and procedures and identify gaps and capacity weaknesses compared to international best practices. The consultant shall undertake re-engineering of work processes for improved productivity, where required.

The consultant shall carry out independent complete diagnostic study of the organizational structure and provide necessary recommendations for improvements. Consultant would also review the existing procedures, processes and regulations and propose steps to improve the organizational structure, culture, strategy and systems.

The CAA wants the consultant to identify gaps in the present functioning and propose recommendations for organizational transformation on modern lines and its way forward/implementation mechanism with timelines. The consultant shall develop change management plan and its implementation strategy for effective roll out of the transformation plan, workforce adjustment policies and preparing the managers to lead the change effectively. The consultant should also propose a grievances redresser forum and its mechanism.

The consultant will carry out a requisite analysis and development of business critical success factors. “To facilitate in assisting in developing state of the art management information system to support a clear performance oriented management models along with building capabilities in the key areas of regulatory, air navigation services, airport services, strategic human resource management, supply change management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, integrated management system focusing revolutionized business outlook of an aviation organization marketing, finance, contract management and operations”.

The consultant shall develop HR analytics, conduct job analysis for competency based human resource system. Under the organizational transformation, the CAA will endure research, design, implement and maintain employee development programs including training, leadership development of human capital, succession planning, talent management, etc. to meet business objective and goals.

The consultant would also ensure implementation of the whole process after approval of the recommendations/proposal by the competent authority with defined timelines.



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