Qasim Ali Shah leads students to look past a difficult time

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Renowned motivational speaker and corporate trainer Mr. Qasim Ali Shah visited COTHM New Garden Town Campus.

Mr. Shah was welcomed by Mr Ahmad Shafiq, Founder & CEO COTHM Pakistan and Dubai. Mr. Shah and CEO COTHM pondered over the future collaboration of COTHM network and Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. Later, Mr. Shah addressed the students and emphasized expanding one’s horizon beyond textbooks, towards skills and specialization, and striving for unmitigated focus in the field of one’s passion.

Speaking during the session, Shah says, “No matter how many obstacles you face in life, you can get up.”

The motivational session was a part of capacity building program of students of COTHM. Shah has previously given speeches at various colleges and corporate institutes.

Qasim believes that when students are in action around their passions, they find their dreams can become a reality. He seeks to empower the next generation to embrace their abilities to create world-changing businesses, impactful non-profits or influential projects which are only possible if they start working to build a better version of themselves.

Furthermore, he provided valuable information to help students build creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Mr Qasim discussed the importance of positive thinking and attitude which brings optimism into life and such constructive changes can make one brighter and more successful.

Mr Ahmad Shafiq extended gratitude to Mr Qasim as he proposed various prospects of collaboration. He appreciated Shah’s time and effort for the capacity building of youth and corporate sector.



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