Promoting Art & Artist | Marriott Showcases ‘Being the Change – Hunza’

KARACHI: Last week Karachi Marriott Hotel celebrated the 71st Independence Day of Pakistan with true national spirit by organising a photography exhibition of young artist Ms. Aroosa Ally. The captivating photographs exhibited the natural beauty, lifestyle and tourism wonders of Hunza, the most popular and fabulous tourist destination of Pakistan.

Young Artist Aroosa Ally is a proud Pakistani living in the US. Aroosa was born in Pakistan; her love for her country began at a young age, even though her childhood was spent in the upcoming international hub of Dubai. Surrounded by flashing lights and the cutting images captured by her family members, it was no surprise she developed an aptitude for the field of photography. Aroosa’s grandfather, Hakim Ally Manji, Pakistan’s renowned filmmaker, was one of the most influential persons throughout the many generations of the family.

Aroosa at the exhibition also displayed a short documentary of a journey by Train from Karachi to Hunza portraying a very positive picture of Pakistan.

Hashoo Group has the tradition of promoting art and encouraging young artists to step forward and exhibit their talents. Cluster General Manager, Karachi Marriott Hotel, Mr. Rehan Faiz Pirzada while addressing the guests added that Ms. Aroosa‘s photography has captured the true beauty of Hunza in a remarkable way.

“Pakistan is the land of unmatched splendor and the collection is the living proof of it. As proud Pakistanis, its high time that we all start talking about the wonders of our country and show the world that we are the promoters of love and peace” said Rehan. He further added that all the photographs are available for auction and requested the honorable guest to come forward and show their generosity. All the processing from the exhibition will be distributed among Hashoo Foundation and AKDN. The Hashwani family has a long standing heritage of philanthropy dating back to the last six generations. Hashoo Foundation follows the legacy of its pioneer ancestor, known as Mukhi Hashoo, who was very active in community services. Institutionalizing this tradition, the family established the Hashoo Foundation in 1988 under the chairmanship of Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani.

Mr. Pirzada thanked all eminent guests for gracing the event and appreciated their encouragement for young talented photographer Ms. Aroosa.



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