Prominent interior designer | Rizwana Talks Tourism Also Interview by: Mr. Javed Akhter Ch.

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LAHORE: Last week our Bureau Chief Lahore, Mr. Javed Akhter Ch took an interview of Ms. Rizwana Kamran who is one of the leading and finest interior designers in the city. Futuristically and immaculately designed her house itself was an impressive project of Ms. Rizwana for our Bureau chief.

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Ms. Rizwana Kamran graduated from National College of Arts, Lahore as a Graphic Designer. She is currently working as a senior artist modular at Postgraduate Medical Institute, Ameer-ud-din Medical College Lahore and Lahore General Hospital in an audiovisual department.

As a designer, she has been involved in various projects at the institute and otherwise as well. She has conducted several solo exhibitions from wall paintings to dress designing throughout her career. Apart from her interest in Fine Arts she has been involved in organizing different events on commercial scale as an event planner as well as took interest in executing interior projects utilizing her skills and abilities in the field of Arts.Her Major work as an interior designer includes mostly the interior designing of houses and she is considered as one of the noted Interior designer in the fast expanding cultural and historical city of Lahore.

In the interview Ms. Rizwana kamran mentioned that she joined women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) to work and support the hard working businesswomen.

“The chamber is performing well for the businesswomen hencethe Government should allocate sufficient funds so that the chamber could launch more projects for businesswomen.” She added.

Replying to a question she said, “Pakistani ladies are very talented, they can perform wonders in the field of business & trade and through WCCI that talent should be explored. But right now our biggest demand from the government is to provide WCCI its own building in Lahore”

“Government should provide loan to the poor and women living in the villages to make them economically independent so that they could support their families. By doing this we can encourage the small handicraft industry of Pakistan, remove economic disparity and can control problem of urbanization in Punjab and elsewhere in Pakistan.” She replied to the question of Mr. Javed

She said people are now well aware of interior and that media is playing vital role in this sphere.

Today tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and many Pakistan women are associated with this industry.

“I highly appreciate the efforts and services of Holiday Weekly, the newspaper is rendering for travel, tourism, and the aviation industry of Pakistan for the last 40 years,” she told Mr. Javed Ch.

She Said, “Women by nature are interior designer, for ladies this business is very good and my daughter, Maha Hassan is also an event management specialist. My family fully supported me, for that, I am thankful to them. By their support and by my hard work, I have achieved this position. I am thankful to almighty Allah, today my hands are full with many projects and expecting much more in future”.



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