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Private Flights to Continue | Record High Demand For Private Jet

MIAMI:  A just-released survey of subscribers to Private Jet Card Comparisons shows the demand surge for private aviation will continue for the foreseeable future.

Some 69% of current private aviation users expect to fly more post-Covid than before the pandemic, with 28% saying they expect to fly privately at similar levels. Only 3% said they would be making fewer private flights in a post-Covid world.

Half of the current private aviation users said they had started or re-started private flying due to Covid, and 100% of these new private flyers say they plan to continue after the pandemic. More than half (53%) said they would fly privately regularly even after the pandemic, a 29% increase from 41% who said they would continue private flights regularly in a January survey of subscribers.

“If the question is, will new users stick with private aviation even in a post-Covid world, the answer is a unanimous yes, with many (53%) saying they will now use private aviation regularly,” said Doug Gollan, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of buyer’s guide Private Jet Card Comparisons.

The survey also revealed a strong pipeline of potential new private jet customers. Of the over 225 respondents, 90% are currently privately flyers, and 9% said they are now considering private aviation. Subscribers pay $250 to compare private aviation options by more than 65 variables so they can identify the best choices for their unique flying needs.

In terms of types of travel, 54% said they use private aviation for personal/vacation travel only, 43% use it for a combination of personal/vacation flights and business needs, and 3% said they use private flights exclusively for business.

New users are more likely to be using private aviation strictly for personal/vacation travel (64%), whereas 52% of pre-Covid private flyers said they use private aviation for a combination of personal/vacation and business travel, with 44% only using private aviation for personal/vacation trips.

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