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PM Visits Naran | Tourism Can Do Wonder Financially: Imran Khan

MANSEHRA: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said tourism offers excellent potential for boosting the country’s revenue and employment opportunities and it is his vision to keep Pakistan clean and green to attract tourists from across the world to this heavenly land.

“Switzerland is half the size of our northern areas and has no match with the natural beauty of our landscape, yet it earns $80 billion from tourism whereas our total export is of $25 billion,” the prime minister said while addressing a gathering of Tiger Force volunteers in Naran, the commercial hub of Kaghan valley.

During the trip to Naran, Mr. Khan remained entirely focused on the tourism potential that according to him could pull this country out of the current financial challenges.

“I have visited Switzerland and Austria and could never compare their beauty with our heavenly lands which are more beautiful and exotic in nature. But I would admire their cleanliness and true enforcement of laws, as nobody there could break the laws for his personal gain,” he said.

The prime minister told the locals to pay due attention and care to all the tourist spots for the prosperity and development of the country. “Insha Allah, we will earn such big money and people will get employment with a rise in tourism that they would not need to leave these areas looking for jobs,” said Khan.

The prime minister said the Kaghan valley had suffered deforestation in the past but he was happy over the tree plantation campaign that restored the beauty of the areas.

He directed the administration to adopt tough measures to protect forests and ensure cleanliness in Kaghan valley. For this purpose, he said, the administration could hire locals as guards. Mr. Khan said: “As trout fish is rapidly becoming an endangered species, the administration should take measures for its preservation.”

Mr. Khan also released trout fish in the Kunhar River during his daylong visit to the area where he launched emergency response services for tourists and planted trees along the river bank. He also distributed 550,000 biodegradable bags and motorbikes among the community rangers.

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