Platinum Jubilee Celebrations | Ramadan Festival at Beach Luxury

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KARACHI: As part of their Platinum Jubilee and Ramadan celebration Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi hosted a two day Ramadan night festival and Qawali night on the 1st and 2nd June 2018.

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The hotel’s expanse was dedicated solely to the festival. Stalls of Karachi’s most popular food places were present with comfortable seating facing towards the stage where the infamous Abu Mian Qawal sang mystical tunes through the night, keeping guests mesmerized. The hotel was adorned in beautiful lights that added a further enchanting touch to the evening. A hall was dedicated to shopping with stalls of clothes, makeup, home décor and jewelry for anyone looking to do some Eid shopping.

The festival concluded after a vast Sehri buffet was presented to the guests. There were a variety of dishes and cuisines all cooked to perfection. The team of Holiday Weekly thoroughly enjoyed the festival and hope that Beach Luxury will make this event an annual affair.



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