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WRITTEN BY Ch. FAISAL MAHMOOD                                               

The importance of PATA as a catalyst in the promotion of sustainable tourism in its member states has been proven beyond any doubt. Its way of working through its chapters is not only unique but also very effective and very productive for its members. Where, there chapter is more aggressive and out spoken the more and more benefits that chapter can grab and squeeze from the principle by making use of its enormous promotional and digital marketing network and tools.For example the way PATA International supported Nepal after deadly earth quake that is highly appreciate-able. On the contrary when Pakistan was hit by earth quake its approach was altogether different. The main reason for that was the Pakistan Chapter was not too active at that time. The situation in last few years was such that our many institutions and organizations remained dormant and stagnant.

As the situation has improved in Pakistan, the tourism related activates are improving fast. A strong tourism sector is essential for every established economy; this is an admitted fact. Thank God; that realization is being felt in our stakeholders also.  though in last ITB Berlin only Gilgit- Baltistan tourism and a leading domestic tour operator of Karachi were there to participate in the world largest exhibition, a major global showcase for tourism but Pakistan’s unified tourism industry  was  not properly represented, projected and showcased.

PATA Pakistan Chapter, with the grace of God is very active and as was promised by its Chairman, to bring Pakistan tourism in international limelight; he brought Mr. Mario Hardy, Chairman PATA international and globetrotting Cassandra De Pecol, a famous American traveller known for being the fastest person and first documented woman to travel to every sovereign nation in the world to Pakistan.

After winning the PATA ‘Award of Merit’ the Chairman has further brought the tourism of Pakistan in prominence to both local and in international media. Long live Mr. Chairman! 

Holiday is sure that the days are not very far away when many mega tourism events & conventions will be held in Pakistan. Holiday is also hopeful that soon the seniors and major stakeholders of international tourism industry will start pouring in to Pakistan.



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