Pakistan Tourism Sector | Offers Investment Opportunities to Korean Investors: Ghafoor

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ISLAMABAD: Managing Director Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan met Chairman Heritage international Company Limited Mr. Ko Moon Seok, Vice Chairman Chang Hyo soon and Director of K-biz International Company, Kim Won Taek.

Ch. Ghafoor said that Pakistan offers a great deal of investment opportunities in tourism and hospitality sector as well as heritage as a large number of heritage sites lying in Pakistan in addition of being the custodian of ancient civilizations.

“We are working on restoration and preservation of heritage site, however there is a scope of further cooperation from international organizations”he said.

Investment opportunities also include point-to-point chartered flights, helicopter services, ski resorts and chairlift / cable cars etc said the press release.

Remains of Gandhara and Buddhist civilizations in Pakistan need restoration and preservation. A large number of Buddist monks visit Pakistan to perform their religious rituals. In 2014 and 2015, PTDC officers participated in tourism training courses organized by Ministry of Tourism in Korea. Korean Tour operators should introduce Pakistan in their tour packages. Both the countries have friendly and diplomatic relations for the past four decades and introducing tour packages will increase tourist flow between the two countries. For the purpose, role of embassies is of dire need. Direct flights are also required to be operated.

Ko Moon Seok said a large number of Korean tourists intend to visit Pakistan but due to lack of knowledge, the flow is very little. Starting of direct flight will surely increase the number. He said our company is ready to provide assistance in preservation and maintenance of heritage sites.

Chang Hyo soon said that we are in contact with Korean tour operators dealing with heritage and Buddhist religious tourism and we will recommend them to include Pakistan in their tour packages. We will also offer our expertise in restoration of archaeological sites.

Kim Won Taek said that K-Biz have expertise in developing 5-Star Hotels, installation of Cable Cars and Chairlifts as well as we also have 25-seater chartered planes. We can invest in these opportunities alongwith economic corridor and rest of Pakistan’s tourism destinations.




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