Pakistan Hotels Association | Election Results for 2017-18 Announced

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KARACHI: The Executive Committee of Pakistan Hotels Association (PHA) unanimously elected Mr. Zubair Surti as Chairman, Mr. Zubair Uddin Baweja as Senior Vice Chairman and Mr. Hamid Pervez Subhani as Vice Chairman for the year 2017-18 as announced in their Annual General Meeting held on September 26, 2017 at Karachi Marriott Hotel.

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Mr. Zubair Surti – Chairman, Pakistan Hotels Association:Mr. Zubair Surti is currently the Director Corporate Affairs of Tourism Promotion Services, the owners and operators of Serena Hotels in Pakistan. He has had almost forty years of experience at Serena Hotels in project planning, financing and monitoring, and legal, taxation, corporate and financial matters of the company. His association with PHA began in 1987.

Mr Zubair Surti states,” This is a great honor and in my tenure, we will strive to strengthen the Association so that we may proactively promote tourism and share the wonders of Pakistan with people within the country and foreigners. The Hotel industry is a significant contributor to the national exchequer, but also a significant employer. Beyond the economy, it is also the industry that ensures that national treasures, like Altit Fort, Shigar Fort and Khaplu Palace, are valued – we remind people of our heritage and preserve it for the future to experience”.

Mr. Zubair Uddin Baweja – Senior Vice Chairman, Pakistan Hotels Association: The Managing Director, Pakistan Hotels Developers Limited (Owners and Operators of Regent Plaza Hotel& Convention Centre). Mr. Baweja is a prominent entrepreneur in hospitality industry with management and operational skills for more than two decades after his MBA completion. He is also involved in social welfare activities and is trustee of The Roshni Trust, a charity school for less privileged children.

Mr. Hamid Pervaiz Subhani – Vice Chairman, Pakistan Hotels Association: Director Operations, Islamabad Hotel Islamabad brings with him over 30 years of hospitality expertise having worked with major international hotel brands. Education includes Master of Political Science and Economics with Hotel Management Trainer certification in different fields of hotel industry. He is also a former Vice Chairman of Pakistan Hotels Association to redress northern area hospitality industry issues.

Pakistan Hotels Association (PHA) was established in 1963 under Section 3 of the Trade Organizations Ordinance, 1961 and subsequently the license was granted by the Ministry of Commerce. According to the Ministry of Tourism, PHA is the only representative body of the hotel industry in Pakistan, with all the leading hotels as members. The purpose of PHA is to strengthen, promote and work with Ministry of Tourism for the development of tourism and to give advice to the government to promote Tourism in Pakistan.



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