Some Operational Difficulties | Chairman Shaheen Air Refutes All Other Rumors

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KARACHI: The Chairman of Shaheen Air international (SAI) Mr. Kashif Sehbai denied all rumors and informed that the Airline is working with its full operations.

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Mr. Kashif Sehbai and CEO Ehsan Sehbai hosted the iftar dinner for top travel agents at Marriott Hotel Karachi, where Kashif Sehbais poke about the operational capacity of Shaheen Air and aviation sector of Pakistan.

The Chairman in his speech talked about the concerns being faced by the Airline, said that, “We are not just the only airline which is facing operational difficulties but overall aviation sector of Pakistan is going through the difficult time.We are going through some challenging situation but we know how to handle the affairs as a second largest airline of a country. We are working for the betterment of aviation industry that will benefit all of us. It’s just a matter of a month or two, things are going to change.”

Talking about the aviation industry of Pakistan, he said, the current insecurity in airline business is due to the uncertain policy making for aviation sector. Increase in fuel price and uninformed rupee devaluation against the dollar disturbed our planning of Hajj and other sectors that surely effect numbers and feasibilities.

“Shaheen Air is the pioneer in taking steps towards the prosperity of the aviation industry and in the upcoming months Shaheen Air’s effort for the aviation sector will come out in positive way that will benefit other airlines as well”.

Chairman Shaheen Air also announced Shaheen’s involvement in HAJJ operation and in end thanked the travel industry of Pakistan that always supports and trust Shaheen Air.



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