‘Oneworld Alliance’ | Qatar Threatens to Quit Over Row With Qantas

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DOHA: Qatar Airways is threatening to pull out of the Oneworld airline alliance, which includes British Airways, due to a row with fellow partner Qantas.

The Middle Eastern airline’s CEO Akbar Al Baker said he would abandon Oneworld if other members fail to act ‘in the spirit’ of the partnership.

His comments at the International Air Transport Association conference in Madrid came after Qantas posted a newsletter on its website stating that it was ‘opposed to Australia granting additional flying rights to nations whose carriers operate in uncommercial and uncompetitive ways’.

Qantas, which has a relationship with Qatar’s Middle Eastern rival Emirates, went on to stay “Qatar does not operate like most carriers”.

Several of Qatar’s neighbouring countries, including Dubai where Emirates is based, have mounted a blockade of its borders. However, the state-owned airline is continuing to operate despite restrictions to its flight paths and routes.

Al Baker said “I don’t see any point in us continuing to stay a part of Oneworld when other partners see us as a threat.

“We have put the chips on the table,” adding that Qatar doesn’t need to be in an alliance as it has shareholdings in several Oneworld carriers, including BA’s parent IAG.



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