Olympic Games | Paris to Host 2024 & LA 2028 Games: IOC

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The next two hosts of the Olympics and mega tourism beneficiary have been announced  as Paris and Los Angeles.

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The International Olympic Committee confirmed that Paris will host the 2024 Games, while Los Angeles will host Olympics in 2028.

It’s the first time the Committee has handed out two host announcements in one hit, with Tokyo already confirmed for the 2020 Games.

Previous months has seen a number of original bidders back out, including Rome, Hamburg, Budapest and Boston, according to TMR, until only LA and Paris were left.

With only the two cities left in the end, the Olympics Committee left it up to Paris and LA to make a deal about who would host which games, although per TMR, Paris was most likely to host the next Games.

The LA-hosted Olympic Games will mark the first US hosting since 1996 when Atlanta won the rights to host the event. Bids by New York in 2012 and Chicago in 2016 were both unsuccessful.

Los Angeles has been three times lucky, however, having already hosted two previous summer games in 1932 and 1984.

But compared to recent Olympic host cities that suffered quite heavy debt and financial struggles due to the demands of hosting the Games, both of these winners will, per TMR, rely largely on existing structures for the games, keeping their investments to a minimum.

Looking at the figures, though, and Expedia has shown how host cities have received their subsequent tourism boom.

The Expedia group has reported that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the host city for 2016 Summer Games, experienced substantial increases in travel demand on the company’s various platforms during the 2016 Olympic Games. Additionally submarkets of Rio de Janeiro benefited greatly from the increase in demand to the region.



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