Nominations of the Standing Committees | TAAP to Move Court Against FPCCI

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KARACHI: The Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) has outright rejected the nominations by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI) of head of the standing committee on aviation, travel and tourism and the Hujj organizing committee, and decided to move court in this regard, said a press release issued by TAAP on Wednesday.

The press release further stated: “Following the elections of FPCCI office-bearers under the leadership of Zubair Tufail, it was being hoped that unlike its past traditions, the FPCCI would now conduct its business/affairs in a fairly independent and transparent manner and duly consult the opposition about important matters, but contrary to our expectations it seems to be pursuing its old practice of taking dictations from certain vested interest groups.”

The TAAP press release pointed out that procedures regarding selection of heads of committees as laid down explicitly in the FPCCI constitution were blatantly flouted/violated in the case in question leaving us no choice but to proceed legally against the nominations. “Under the existing rules it is mandatory for the FPCCI authorities to duly consult the concerned trade body vis a vis a nomination representing it, which was clearly bypassed/ignored in this case”, the release added.

TAAP demands of the FPCCI President to withdraw/retract the nominations forthwith and make fresh nominations in accordance with the procedures, said the press release and that if the FPCCI remained adamant, then TAAP would have to challenge the nominations in the court.

TAPP alleged that ‘such irregularities’ were willful attempts by the FPCCI to damage it and other leading trade representative bodies.




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