No Irregular Shaped Luggage | Oman Airports Enforce New Baggage Rules

MUSCAT: Effective From September 1, passengers will no longer be allowed to check in round and irregular shaped luggage such as items wrapped in blankets, linen or tied with rope at Muscat International, Salalah and Sohar airports.

This change is applicable to all passengers regardless of airline, cabin class or destination, the Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) said in a statement.

Senior staff at OAMC said: “Oman Airports Management Company wants to ensures that all airports in the sultanate constantly achieve the highest overall quality performance, providing travelers with excellent facilities and service.”

“We are telling travellers, ‘If the bag doesn’t lie flat, then consider repacking using appropriate suitcases and travel bags. Baby strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs and golf bags will still be permitted.”

For travellers, the new policy will result in faster pickups, less baggage jams, and an overall smoother and hassle-free experience. For airport personnel, it will ensure the safety and security of baggage handlers, efficient check-ins and seamless access to checked baggage in case of further security screening.

The company is currently working closely with all airlines, travel agencies and tourism promoting websites including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to ensure that this policy is clearly communicated to all travellers to and from Oman.

With air traffic in Oman expected to grow by 40 per cent by 2019, the upcoming opening of the new Muscat International Airport, and in line with its responsibilities as a member of the Airport Council International (ACI) Worldwide, OAMC is implementing best practices and policies that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations and provide holistic experience for its passengers.



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