New Office Bearers of TAAI | Rolling UpTheir Sleeves

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MUMBAI: The Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) Managing Committee was elected for the 2017-2019 term at the 66th Annual General Meeting held last week at ‘The Lalit’ in Mumbai, India.

At the same meeting, all the office bearers of regions and chapters of TAAI, President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary General and Hon. Treasurer were announced as they were duly elected earlier during the year.

In the President’s address, Mr. Sunil Kumar R. said: “The industry of travel, in the last two decades, witnessed changes that caused tremendous discomfort and posed challenges to its stakeholders. Enormous financials and time investments, do not reward us well, today.

“The turn of industry events, from depriving us of respectable remuneration, to competition with principals, to high technology costs, to expensive administration, to complex government regulations, and other areas – have negatively impacted the fraternity. As a result, most new generations prefer better career options.

“There is a great need to roll up sleeves as TAAI. We urgently must find the best way forward. At a recent Managing Committee meeting, we concluded to prepare a program titled ‘The Travel Agent of Tomorrow.’ This program must define and model the successful entrepreneur, given the complexities that exist.



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