A New Chef Arrives | Pearl Continental Welcomes Mr. Jun

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KARACHI: On 6th June 2018 Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi hosted an official introduction of Mr. Leng Jun, an experienced Chinese culinary artist who will be the head chef of Tai Pan from June 2018 onwards.

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The 20-year veteran to luxury hotels has built his career through assignments at various international restaurants in his early years. He has worked in many countries including China, Maldives, Brunei, Kuwait, Egypt and Dubai.

He stepped up in his career and got his big break by joining the hospitality industry and accepting the position of Executive Chinese Chef at The Kandima Resort – Maldives, The Empire Hotel & Country Club – Brunei, Hilton Worldwide Resort – Kuwait, Dana Beach Hotel – Hurghada Egypt and The Jumeirah Beach Hotel -Dubai U.A.E.

His years of experience in different parts of the world and exemplary knowledge on Chinese cuisine make a stable platform for him to experiment creative combination of food across cultures.

Mr. Leng Jun specializes in cuisines derived from Shandong, Sichuan and Cantonese regions and has mastered the in-depth technicalities required for Chinese cooking. He understands that in Chinese cuisine there is as much emphasis on texture as on taste.

Mr. Jun’s prepared a Chinese food themed Iftaar dinner for the members of media who were invited for a tasting. He cooked traditional Chinese food but made it unique by adding his personal touch. Everything was cooked to perfection and was definitely an exceptional and delicious experience for our palettes. With Mr. Jun’s authentic and delectable cooking and the detailed decor and ambiance of Tai Pan, that depicts the richness of Chinese culture it was definitely a memorable dining experience.




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