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Executive Committee and Members of the Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) today celebrate World Tourism Day 2017 along with rest of the world under the theme “Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development”.

There can be no two views on the importance of tourism in today’s world. The present day tourism is not the same as travels of the early periods of human history. Tourism has different meanings in different languages and different regions and can be defined in different ways. Today tourism is a science that heals, it is commerce and economy that uplifts the living standards of a community, tourism is also an art form that enriched your soul through better understanding of communities and people around us, it is also a religion that takes you closer to your creator and tells you who you are and what is your place in this whole wide world. But most importantly Tourism today is an industry that sustains many economies. How can we ignore and not take seriously such an important aspect of human life.

Pakistan is on the ebb of economic revival stunted by a few socio-political and security aspects. However, we are at this stage ripe to go into complete submission to the tourism development requirements of our Great Nation, Pakistan. We must remember to play our role to the communities that will be impacted, positively or negatively because of the development of tourism in these areas.



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