Mothers Empowerment | Vital for Success of Children; SBI Chairperson

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 KARACHI : Sindh Board of Investment’s Chairperson, Ms. Naheed Memon urged mothers to set goals for their ownlife, instead of being lost for bringing up their children, as their motivation, activism and independence greatly contributes in success of  the children.

“It is very strange, women suppress their desires and goals onbecoming mothers. Their life only moves around their children withoutlinkage to the outside world. This approach does not prove good evenfor their kids, who do not receive any inspiration and guidelines asin case of working or socially active mothers,”

She said while talkingto senior journalists after inaugurating Mother’s day ceremony Sunday evening which was arranged by Avari International Hotels  Group here at Beach LuxuryHotel.

 General Manager BLH, M. Azeem Qureshi along with his staff welcomed the SBI Chairperson, who is one of the successful Pakistani women and mothers.

Ms. Naheed Memon said, according to an international survey the children of those mothers who did part time job or some businessactivity were better groomed mentally against those mothers’ who haveno motivation or activism. In this sub-continent, mothers neitherasserted on their rights and nor pursued goals of their own life.This ultimately proved harmful to their  their children as well.

She regretted that most of mothers in the country even did notget proper nutrition and healthcare.

Ms. Naheed Memon, being a highly qualified and competentbusiness woman and now heading the important institution of SindhBoard of Investment – spoke of many initiatives taken by SBI forwomen empowerment in urban and rural areas of the province.

On this occasion, SBI Chief informed that his organization hadlaunched the first facilitation centre for ease of doing business,under the umbrella of Sindh Investment Climate Improvement Cell(SICIC).  Women, who make around 52 percent of the country’s population, could best utilize this facility.

She shared her vision for the way forward and mentionedimportant future set goals of SBI. These included the setting up SBIoffices in other cities besides Karachi, establishing centers in allrelevant areas and offices to help ease the processes of businessesfor people. This step would also ensure that women are included asequal partners in doing business and investment for which they wouldbe facilitated.



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