Morgan Freeman Stars | Turkish Airlines Super Bowl Ad

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ISTANBUL: Turkish Airlines (THY) has signed the actor Morgan Freeman, known for playing celebrated roles such as Nelson Mandela, the United States president and Batman’s gadget guru, to represent its brand.

The Oscar-winning actor is lending his sonorous voice and trusted presence to THY’s latest ad campaign, focusing on the theme of the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangea, the company announced Friday.

“On the heels of a successful year of increased demand and recovery for the airline industry, Turkish Airlines is launching a new global advertising campaign,” the company said in a statement.

“Centered around the concept of Pangea – which millions of years ago was a single connected supercontinent – the campaign stars Morgan Freeman narrating a captivating, inspiring message about reunification and the reconnection of people and their worlds,” it added.

According to the statement, the commercial is set to debut online on Feb. 10 and will air during the Feb. 13 American Super Bowl, a high-profile spot traditionally used for maximum impact and exposure.

“The campaign’s concept pays homage to Turkish Airlines’ extensive connectivity as the global carrier that flies to more countries than any other airline, offering a ‘We are all connected’ message as the world prepares for a bright and promising future,” said the air carrier.

“While today Pangea no longer exists, Turkish Airlines is proud of reconnecting people with their loved ones and fostering this sense of reconnection, as the global airline bringing more people and countries together. Through this new campaign, the leading carrier is powerfully communicating its objective to ‘make far feel close’ and ‘bring there to here.'”

THY CEO Ahmet Bolat, whose comments were included in the statement, said, “After months of creative ideation and production, we’re glad to share our Pangea campaign that features Morgan Freeman with the world during the most-watched sporting event on the global calendar.”



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