A Momentous Start | Beach Luxury Hosts New Year Party

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KARACHI: On 6th January 2018 Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi hosted a buoyant and bustling party to commence the New Year. The evening started with everyone making a joint prayer for the success and prosperity of Pakistan.

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The staff and management of the Hotel put their time and efforts to ensure that the evening would be a memorable one for all of the guests by providing an excellent service and treating all guests like royalty.

There wasn’t a dull moment throughout the evening, a dance floor placed right at the center was packed all through the night with people of all ages and the dj was playing all the latest and most upbeat music.

 The hall was decorated to reflect a festive theme and a exquisite and ambrosial dinner was organized for the guests consisting a vast menu with dishes including Garlic Rice, Fried Prawn, Fish tikka, Szechuan chicken , Orange mousse, assorted cakes and many more, all of which was fresh and cooked to perfection.



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