A Medley of Spices | Delicacies of Morocco at Karachi Marriott

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KARACHI: On the evening of 3rd March 2018, Marriott Hotel Karachi inaugurated a two-day festival at the Nadia Café to honour and celebrate a cuisine which is influenced from Andalusian Spain, Arabia and France and is one of the most loved cuisine of the planet, the infamous food of Morocco. 


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An extravagant buffet consisting of an array of different salads, savouries and desserts was assembled by a Moroccan chef who prepared all of the food  using traditional and exotic ingredients and aromatic spices brought in especially from Morocco. Food lovers from all around town enjoyed the ambrosial buffet thoroughly. 


The entire restaurant was transformed into a typical Moroccan theme. Ancestral gold and silver cutlery was used and waiters were dressed in classic Moroccan clothing. The place was enveloped in the colours of the Moroccan flag and posters depicting the culture and traditions of the country covered the walls of the restaurant. A special corner was designed specifically for the purpose of serving authentic Moroccan tea as it holds great significance in the nation’s history and traditions. 


On the opening night, the Moroccan Ambassador was present along with many other esteemed members of the Moroccan Embassy and prominent members of the industry. Mr. Rehan Faiz Pirzada, Cluster General Manager briefed the media about the culture and food of Morocco.



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