Medical Tourism | New Aspect of Iran-Pakistan Ties

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ISLAMABAD: Iran and Pakistan have tremendous potential for medical tourism as the people of Pakistan can greatly benefit from Iranian health facilities, which would also help in strengthening ties between the two brotherly Muslim countries. Medical tourism refers to people travelling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment. Iran is gradually becoming a destination for foreign medical tourists as hospitals in Iranian cities offer medical and health care services for foreign patients.

Patients from Kuwait, Qatar and other countries prefer Iran for the medical treatment which is providing inexpensive facilities than European countries. Iran is one of the major tourism destinations in the world and the tourists coming to Iran can also become a major source for informing the people of their countries about the advance health facilities of Iran.

 Earlier many Pakistanis used to travel to India for medical treatment especially related to kidney and liver diseases but after the deteriorating ties between the two countries India imposed an unannounced ban on Pakistani travelers. However, Iran with its large medical facility network can easily replace India for Pakistani patients and can also help in further enhancing bilateral ties.



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