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We are gratified indeed that seniors in the industry have noted the expanse and depth of news coverage in our pages week after week which, put together with all that we receive from the youth, make us, firstly, to bow our heads in submission to the Creator and Sustainer Supreme that He has brought Holiday to where from it can reach its destiny as conceived by its founder Editor and Publisher way back in 1978. Secondly, we keep falling to our persisting regret about our country as the tourist destination that it was, what it has come to and what it can yet be.

Two recent events, the World Travel & Tourism Council Summit                              and the World Travel Awards being fresh in our readers’ minds, they would appreciate that one echoes our repeated calls to politicians and governments to see the economic, social and diplomatic dynamics of Tourism and – if this is what they will readily see – the political advantages of Tourism – and adopt it as State Policy to promote all over the country.

The second event causes reflection that our hospitality units, our airlines, our tour operators, our tourist products, our heritage sites, our unique cultural event and our popular sports are nowhere in these world-high nominations and recognitions, despite – to mention only one factor – the high quality of our trained human resources, many of whom have made good name for themselves and for the organizations which they work for within the country and abroad. 

One element that needs to be put in place is a national instrument of recognition and rewards. The different trade bodies, headed by and comprised as they are of dedicated stakeholders, can take the lead in creating such a forum among themselves for later induction of State fiat therein.

We pin our hopes with new government and the newly elected Public representations, men and women will undo the negatives which thwarted the tourism industry and tourism receiving culture that was growing in our country and will put in place catalytic instruments to re-develop each sector of Pakistan Tourism. ¡



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