Lahore-Muscat Direct | PIA Starts Two Weekly Flights

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LAHORE: PIA has started two more weekly flights from Lahore to Muscat, making 11 flights per week to Muscat from different airports of Pakistan.

A spokesman for the national carrier said the first flight left from Lahore to Muscat on Monday. PIA CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan, while sharing his views on the commencement of flights, said that more flights would be operated on profitable routes, providing better services to passengers with the aim to increase revenues of the airline.

PIA is now operating three flights per week from Karachi, three from Islamabad, two from Sialkot, one from Peshawar and two from Lahore to Muscat.

The national air carrier also announced that it had started flying between Lahore and Muscat twice a week. With this, the number of flights from different airports of Pakistan to Oman has risen to 11 per week.

“Lahore is a big city that will attract passengers from several parts of Punjab,” the spokesman said, adding PIA was already operating flights to Muscat from Sialkot and Islamabad airports.

“More flights will be operated on (other) profitable routes with better services to the passengers with the aim of increasing revenues of the airline, which will bring profit,” PIA CEO Musharraf Rasool Cyan said in a statement.

Responding to a question, the airline’s spokesman added the air carrier would operate direct international flights on short-to-medium routes from multiple airports of the country.



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