KP-CTA Concludes | Youth Training Camp For Adventure Tourism

PESHAWAR: A five-day survival camp for training the youth to learn skills to cope with harsh weather conditions, difficult situation and disasters in the hilly and forest areas was concluded at the scenic Malam Jabba resort in Swat valley on Tuesday.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Culture and Tourism Authority (KP-CTA) in collaboration with the experts of famed Discovery, National Geographic and Oxygen channels had arranged the training camp.

This was the first time that such training camp was arranged by the KP-CTA keeping in view the aspiration and spirit of the youth for the thrilling activities.

The initiative was meant to promote adventure tourism and attract the youth towards healthy activities in the province.

The expert trainers imparted training and skills to the youth as to how survive in disaster and difficult situation during adventure tourism.

Noted experts Chad Keel of the Discovery Channel, Reza Eric Allah Bakhshi of the National Geographic Channel, Kody Sheerwood from the Oxygen Channel and national athlete Samar Khan, imparted training to the youth.

In the first phase, around 75 youth, both male and female from across the country, were trained in skills about use of essential items and making fire at a difficult and tough situation, water filtration, establishing a shelter, getting out of challenging conditions and others at the survival camp.

The organizers said that the training would help encourage youth to go out for adventure tourism, including trekking, camping and other activities in the scenic hilly resorts of the province.

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