K2 ‘The Savage Mountain’ | Two Pakistani, Among 31 others, Conquer The Peak

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ISLAMABAD: Two Pakistani climbers, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Intesh, were among a group of mountaineers who scaled the peak of Mount K2, the world’s second highest mountain range on Saturday, 21 July.

The expedition operators confirmed that 24 climbers from Seven Summit Treks, five from Summit Climb and two Sherpa climbers from Madison Mountaineering, climbed the mountain and reached the peak.

Thirty-one is the second highest number of climbers to have reached K2 peak.

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“Two months of hard work has finally paid off,” team leader Sherpa said, adding that the ordeal showed that a successful ascent was possible.

All the climbers have now begun their descent to the lower camps, the team leader added.

Mount K2 is considered as one of the world’s deadliest mountains to climb which had claimed at least 84 lives so far.

According to a climbing record, less than 500 climbers have been able to make it to the K2 summit point.



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