Islamabad City Tour | Rajwana Inaugurates New Tourism Product

RAWALPINDI:  Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has launched Islamabad City Tour Bus service on 10 January. The service was inaugurated by Governor Punjab Mohammad Rafique Rajwana in a colorful ceremony.

Member of the National Assembly Malik Abrar Ahmed, Chairman WASA Ziaullah Shah, Member Punjab Provincial Assembly Begum Tehseen Fawad, director of the Dubai Tourism Department, Dr. Qaiser Rafique, and other prominent personalities attended the ceremony. The event was organized by Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Governor Punjab, Mohammad Rafique Rajwana said that the tourist places and natural scenic beauty of Pakistan are the best explanation of Surat Al-Rahman. Tourism is a effective tool to eradicate terrorism from the country. There is a negative impact on Pakistan abroad and the negative propaganda has created a bad image of Pakistan. However, situation now is contrary. The efforts of MD PTDC Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor are worthwhile.

He further added that launch of this bus service and status of the Domestic Tourism in the country is a milestone as our young generation focuses on tourism so that their passion is also awakened with passionate tourism, historical and cultural information about their country.  This step indicates that our country is also working for tourism development and promotion.

He told the media “Do not always look at negative aspects of news but focus on positive aspects.”

Seeing the situation in Rawalpindi, people and media themselves decide how much this city has improved. Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor’s role in this regard is also appreciable that he took measures to improve the condition of the hotels of the Philistines.

MNA Malik Abrar Ahmed said that due to the efforts of MD PTDC, Pakistan’s soft image has been expanding around the world, that’s why the tourists have started turning towards Pakistan. According to British Backpackers Society Report, year 2018 is very important in which Pakistan has been ranked in the first 20 best countries for adventure tourism. It is encouraging that due to Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor’s vision we are seeing a lot of tourism in future which is evident from today’s event.

The director of the Dubai Tourism Department, Dr. Qaiser Rafique, said that an exclusive Satellite TV channel is being launched in Pakistan, which will be the first tourism channel in the world. These measures will further increase the reputation of Pakistan around the world.

Managing Director, PTDC Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan, said that efforts are being made to improve Pakistan’s image in foreign countries and are conducting a UNWTO conference in Islamabad in near future. Introducing BS Degree programmes in Tourism and Hotel Management in different universities have been completed. These measures will have a positive impact on the confidence sector and Pakistan will become the world’s attractive tourist center. Peace has been established in Pakistan due to the best policies of the present government and thousands of sacrifices of the army and agencies. The launch of this bus service for tourism is a small step but its outcome will get fruitful results. From the promotion and development of tourism in Pakistan, we can provide the best conditions for our future generations in the country.

At the end of the ceremony, school students and students were invited to Islamabad on City Bus Service. Managing Director, PDC Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Khan inaugurated Bus Term special service term in Islamabad supermarket.




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