International Women’s Day | Hashoo Celebrates Women’s Achievements & Advocates Gender Equality

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ISLAMABAD: Hashoo Group joined the world in celebrating International Women’s Day
(IWD), a global day that honours women’s achievements, raises awareness about
women’s rights, and advocates for gender equality.

This year’s theme for IWD is embracing equity and moving beyond equal opportunities,
which aims to build a truly equal and just future for all. Hashoo Group is committed to
promoting gender equality and creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels
valued, respected, and empowered to achieve their full potential.

To celebrate IWD, Hashoo Hotels hosted a beautiful celebration surrounded by purple
decorations. The half-day event included launching two extraordinary campaigns in
honour of the IWD. The ‘Pearl-Lady’ programme was launched across all Pearl-
Continental Hotels nationwide. The aim of ‘Pearl-Lady’ programme is to provide a safe
and secure environment for the solo female traveller while providing them with the
utmost comfort and luxury. The second campaign, Women@Hashoo, was aimed at the
female workforce of Hashoo Group. The goal is to help women have more accessibility
in their careers and lives while encouraging more women to join in and become part of
the Hashoo Team.

Mr. Murtaza Hashwani, while speaking on occasion, highlighted the importance of
women in general. He said, “When you educate a son, you educate an individual, but
when educating a daughter, you educate the whole generation; the whole community
prospers”. He also admired the positive contribution of women towards Hashoo Group.
“This diversity has made us who we are. We take pride at the fact that Hashoo Group is
one of the organizations in Pakistan that has key positions filled by women and are
taking important decisions, a prime example of true leadership. Going forward, our
intention is to recruit an equal proportion of male and female staff for our upcoming
hotels.”, he added.

Hashoo Hotels believes in breaking stereotypes, promoting gender balance, and
increasing women’s workforce. They remain committed to advancing gender equality
and empowering women to thrive in all aspects of their lives. The Group employs more
than 4,000 staff across Pakistan and is committed to including more women in their
workforce by reshaping policies and offering more facilities within the workspace to
facilitate women joining and staying in the workforce.



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