‘Influencers of Pakistan’ | Aamir Memon Addresses The Lahore Forum

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LAHORE: At Influencers of Pakistan’s (IOP) second forum organized for more than 500 influencers, brands and businesses, Techlets Pvt. Ltd. launched  ‘WALEE’ an everyday trade app to help Pakistan’s 100,000+ digitally active businesses and 500,000+ Digital influencers and resellers find, manage, measure and monetize collaborations to boost sales, brands and earnings.

Muhammad Aamir Memon, General Manager Brand Management PIA while addressing the influencers of Pakistan at Lahore Forum said that it is a unique platform for young and accomplished leaders from all walks of life to present ideas and develop a shared vision of future. What was truly inspiring was the energy and enthusiasm among budding entrepreneurs, tech startup owners, experts and mentors. Really had a great time interacting with such an amazing group of people all committed towards a better future and how much they are already influencing our daily lives with their spectacular ideas.

Techlets is a recipient of an Innovation Grant provided by the USAID Small and Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA). Through the grant, Techlets has developed a software solution for influencer match-making. The software will enable influencer matchmaking in Pakistan at a much lower cost with a greater focus, which will result in a much higher impact for SMEs.

With over 5000 influencers and 1000+ SMEs currently active on the platform Mr. Muhammad Ahsan Tahir, CEO, Techlets emphasized on how mobile technology based earning opportunities enable and empower youth. IOP’s current 60% female user base, positions Walee as flag bearer for women empowerment and financial inclusion in Pakistan.

During his keynote, Mr. Ahsan noted:

 “Walee” will connect millions of businesses, from solopreneurs to SMEs or larger, with networks and audience of social and digital influencers. We call these social and digital influencers, affiliates, content creators, resellers, marketers etc. “WALEE” – Supporter, a friend.

“A walee simply curates his/her social channel with products and services he/she believes will benefit their audience — from their social circles to public fan bases — and then authentically promotes them in their unique way, whether by live streams, video and image posts. Walee gets compensated on views, likes, conversion as defined by businesses.  With 48 percent of Pakistanis consuming digital content daily, the market opportunity is enormous.”

Ms. Selina Rashid, CEO Lotus PR, presented a detailed overview of Pakistan’s current influencer marketing landscape. Selina founded Pakistan’s first dedicated public relations company in 2007. She shared interesting insights based on years of experience working with celebrities and digital influencers.

During her opening keynote address she noted:

“The concept and significance of an influencer remains dynamic in cognisance of the evolving marketing landscape, where technology has revolutionized the way people put out and digest content. To view an influencer approach therefore, within a static framework is outdated for both brands and influencers alike. Unlike yesterday, today’s consumer looks towards frequent and authentic content experiences. The onus therefore is on influencer and brands alike to consistently innovate in their messaging and interaction”



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