IATA Memo to Trump | Cut Aviation Taxes and Start Deregulation

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WASHINGTON: In a Washington policy speech aimed primarily at the new US administration of President Trump, IATA’s top boss has urged governments to support the vital role aviation plays in connecting people and commerce around the globe.

“Our world has grown much wealthier through trade and travel. Air travel liberates people to live better lives and makes our world a better place,” Alexandre de Juniac, the global airline group’s director general and chief executive, told the US Chamber of Commerce 2017 Aviation Summit this week.

The aviation sector contributes $680.1bn dollars to GDP In the US and supports 6.2m jobs. “Aviation is the business of freedom and we must continue to work together to make it so,” said de Juniac.

Looking to the agenda for the Trump Administration, de Juniac called for a reduction in the tax burden on aviation and air travellers, and a new approach to the provision of air traffic services.

De Juniac also urged the Trump Administration to return the country to the principles of airline deregulation.

“The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 unleashed competition and spurred innovation by letting market forces drive commercial decisions. And today consumers benefit from more travel choices than ever.

“Deregulation has benefited travellers, the US economy and the competitiveness of its airlines. I hope that the Trump Administration will keep that in focus.”




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