‘IAMsterdam’ | Iconic Tourist Attraction Taken Down

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AMSTERDAM: One of the most popular destinations of the Europe is Amsterdam where tourists from all obver the world come. So popular, a recent report by one of The Netherlands’ largest banks, ABN AMRO suggests there are ten tourists for every local in Amsterdam.

It’s famous for a number of sights like it’s canals, red light district and the ‘cafes’ among many other attractions. But one landmark has been the subject of millions of selfies -“IAMsterdam”.

But that landmark was removed on Monday, 3 December.

“These letters were removed at the request of the City of Amsterdam because they were drawing too big of a crowd to an already limited space.” The city marketing organisation, I amsterdam said.

According to local media, the Amsterdam council voted to remove the landmark on Thursday, with a local councillor and leader of the GroenLinks (green left) group, Femke Roosma said the landmark had become a symbol of individualism, rather than one of diversity and solidarity.

The Iconic slogan outside Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum has been removed with individualism and mass tourism to blame. There has been mixed response to the tourist attraction’s removal.

“It’s official: The famous ‘iAmsterdam” letters have been taken away from the city. Why? Because a political party in this city stated that the letters “show too much individualism towards tourists.” I don’t even have words. This world has gone mad.” One Twitter user said.

“This winter will be emptier without the IAmsterdam sign,” said another. But some were in favour of the word being removed.

“The IAmsterdam letters did their job: they made the back of Rijksmuseum a tourist destination. Now they’ll be used to lure tourists to more deserving spots outside the centre. I say good plan.” Twitter user Gregory Shapiro said.

“All back to normal … no more IAmsterdam, but it feels like you can breath again!” A local user said.

The City of Amsterdam said the landmark will tour the country, and a smaller version of ‘IAmsterdam’ will be placed outside Schiphol Airport, the main international airport in The Netherlands.



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