Hunza Serena Inn Celebrates | World Environment Day, 2017

HUNZA: The students of Hasegawa Memorial Public School & College cleaned wastes from the Karimabad Bazar, urging the shopkeepers, tourists, locals and hoteliers to respect nature and keep the area pollution free. An exhibition of paintings made by the students was also held. The students made presentations, highlighting the importance of nature and natural habitat. They also shared their views on how to protect our earth. All these events were organized by Hunza Serena inn to celebrate the World Environment Day.

Mr. Rehmat Karim, Vice  Principal of Hasegawa Memorial Public School & College, expressed his view on different environmental issues how to protect our nature, and urged the students to become role models for environmental protection.

Mr. Asghar Khan, Manager Hunza Serena Inn, addressed the students, urging them to explore nature, reduce unnecessary usage of water and keeping water courses clean, while living a healthy life. He also presented gifts to the students for making the presentations and artworks.

Every year, the United Nations Environment Program honors World Environment Day on June 5 to raise awareness about environmental issues and call for action. Since its first celebration on 5 June 1974, millions of people across the world have taken part in thousands of events to raise awareness and generate political momentum around growing concerns such as the depletion of the ozone layer, toxic chemicals, desertification and global warming.



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