Hitit Reservation and Ticketing | PIA Karachi Booking Office Staff Completes Training

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KARACHI: In the year 2023, the PIA Karachi Booking Office team showcased remarkable proficiency by successfully completing the Hitit Reservation and Ticketing Training. The certificates, personally issued by the Ticket Office Manager, Mr. Mukhtiar Ali Abbasi, were awarded to the dedicated individuals listed below:

Mr. Zahid Channa

Mr. Farhanuddin

Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Mr. Abdul Khaliq Gabole

Mr. Muhammad Saddiq Brohi

Mr. Sher Muhammad

Mr. Ghulam Hussain

Mr. Ayaz Hussain Abbasi

Mr. Muhammad Rauf

Ms. Nazneen

Certificate of Performance:

This certifies that each recipient has consistently demonstrated outstanding performance and unwavering dedication in their roles at the PIA Karachi Booking Office throughout the year 2023. Their commitment to delivering exceptional service to customers and ensuring seamless operations is highly commendable.

Certificate of Training Completion:

Furthermore, the aforementioned individuals have successfully completed the HITIT Reservation and Ticketing Training program conducted on 16/12/2023. The training comprehensively covered essential aspects of reservation and ticketing procedures, equipping each participant with the requisite skills to handle these functions effectively.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the hard work and dedication exhibited by each of these individuals. Their commitment to excellence serves as a positive reflection on the overall performance of the PIA Karachi Booking Office. We wish them continued success in contributing to the growth and prosperity of Pakistan International Airlines.



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